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Sheepish is an attractive 'build a pipe' game about guiding sheep
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Sheepish is an addictive puzzle game that provides challenging levels full of entertainment. According to the background story of the game, the Old MacDonald's sheep station is going through a severe drought, and there is left little grass for the sheep to graze on. So you will be getting grass for your sheep.

The game is composed of challenging 'build a pipe' puzzles, and every level in the game is unique. When you launch the game, you are allowed to choose a paddock on the map for starting the game. You will need to guide the sheep by means of path pieces and connectors to their destination. Different obstacles like rocks, fences, and cacti are lying on the way, so you will have to to make up intricate routes. You should also make sure the sheep do not collide or miss the track. The different pieces provided are: pipe corners, pipe ends, pipe re-sizers, trampolines, gate switch, paint shed, points and bonuses. Each stage also has hidden secrets, finding which allows you to grab bonuses and score points. You win a level when you have saved the required number of sheep.

The full version of the game includes more than 100 interesting levels, some unlockable secret areas, awards, eye-catching graphics and enchanting soundtrack throughout the game.

Surendra Keshav
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  • More than 100 interesting levels
  • Medals
  • Eye-catching graphics


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